Sunday, March 15, 2015

Henri's First

Dear Luna,

"Mummy, please, let's not eat animals and other creatures!"

We were on our way to Henri's first birthday earlier when you blurted this out. Bubba and I got no idea where this came from. We laughed in disbelief. A vegetarian by choice at the age of four.

So adorable.

True to your word, you didn't eat any meat at the party. You even gave me a weird look when I offered grilled chicken skewer. I was totally impressed. Until I saw you pig out on fairy bread when the desserts were served.

Was that declaration of yours back in the car just a game? You are such a mastermind, kiddo.

How you make me smile when you do your own pose...
And when you keep still for a few seconds.
Anyhoo... You met Henri last year when he was just a few months old. He's the son of bubba's old bandmate/friend. We did a brief stop at their place (and had a much needed shower) towards the end of our 8-day Cairns-Sydney roadtrip.

You didn't get to play with him much at the party because he's still so small. So were the two other toddlers. You still had fun playing with their toys though. And you took a purple balloon home — now that gave you a huge smile on your face. 
With the birthday boy.
You were the big sister of three toddler boys this afternoon.
That cake! 
Where all the icing went.


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