Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello Luna, from Daddy :-)

Hey Luna,

I know you probably can't understand or read this for many years but I want to chat with you anyway, in case your uterus has free Wifi access.

Mummy is already 39 weeks pregnant with you now! So we should see you very soon, most likely in 1 or 2 weeks! I know its very scary to enter the real world, and even we are very scared, but trust me its for the best. One day you will thank us.

So you will soon have to say bye to all your friends that you have grown up with and done everything together, such as Mr Pancreas, Miss Bladder and Small Intestine. I know it's really hard, especially since Mr Pancreas is such a funny guy! And Mrs Placenta took such good care of you and was so nice to you for so long. But atleast soon you wont have to fight with Stomach for much longer. I heard that you and Stomach are always fighting for space to swim in the Uterus pool, and I also heard that you were both bullying Miss Bladder! Bad girls! She kept waking up Mummy every night saying that you two were pushing her. But she says that you guys are still friends anyway :-)

So you have just a few weeks left to say goodbye to all your friends, and move to the Outside. We made a slippery slide for you to squeeze out of when you are ready to leave, but it is not very big so you will have to push very hard with your head. Once we see you at the gates, we will pick you up and take you to our home. This will be your home too from now on! We will be your new friends, for a veeeerrrrry long time :-) And I know you really liked to play in the Uterus, so we promise to let you play lots here as well. And you can swim in places that are even bigger than the whole Uterus! Imagine that!

You will definitely really like it here :-) We will take lots of care of you, just like Mrs Placenta is doing now. We have already talked to Mrs Placenta, so we know some of the things you like doing, such as hanging upside down, and kicking, so we will let you do that too. But we will also let you do other things, because we are not as bossy as Mrs Placenta. We will let you cry so much that you will forget why you started crying! You will get very confused at first, but we will eventually let you move around and see things and hear things just like us.

We will take you to many places and you will see lots of weird and funny things. Like animals that have so many legs but don't have any arms, or insects that make so much noise unless if they see you are listening, or Michael Jackson when he became white. (even we are still confused about this!)

So just wait a few weeks and you will begin the best part of your life! A very long journey, even bigger than your journey so far, and much more colorful!

Love, from Dad.



  1. about time you write her a letter babeness :) she'll definitely enjoy reading this one...

  2. so freaky cool! Nice one Dad!


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