Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bolinao In A Jiffy With Yak Pak Philippines

Dear Luna,

Less than 24 hours, and we're already packing for our journey back home. Around past three in the afternoon yesterday, we arrived here at Holy Land Beach Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Not the best on this strip, but it has a pool, and it's relatively cheap. Like, P2,300 cheap for an air-conditioned room good for 5-6.

With us are bubba, your grannies, mum's Aunt Miles, and mum's Uncle Ninoy and his whole family. This is our only beach trip with mum's extended family this Philippine summer. We all thought it shall do your Granpa Billy (who's still recovering from a stroke) good. Change of scenery, salty air, fresh seafood.

Plus it's a great opportunity to catch up with relatives who we don't see often.

Bolinao beach belle.

A pose inspired by one of the contestants of Sarbay Fest '14 Bay Bodies (which mum watched a week ago).

Your 'platypus pout' (a duck pout's too tame).

Bolinao's Patar White Beach is actually the first Philippine beach your bubba stepped onto. About five years ago, during bubba's first visit in the country, he and I joined your Aunt Gabe's team building with her ex colleagues. It was also my first time in Patar. 

We loved it because back then, the place has not drawn massive crowds yet. The sand is actually cream-colored, not white, but it's still a pretty shore. Oh, and the sunset view from here... Stunning!

Day 2 beach stroll.

Pikachu swimsuit given by Lola Namnam.

All photos here were not taken at Patar White Beach though. In fact, we didn't visit that part. This beach is the one in front of Holy Land Beach Resort. Not so well-kept, but it didn't matter to you. You were pretty content on digging sand and dumping loads of it (and seaweed) on Uncle Azhley's body earlier this morning. You also played in the pool last night (even if you already changed from swimsuit to dress) with Aunt Katkat.

Yes, you had a ball.

Yak Pak Tye Dye Mini Backpack. From Yak Pak Glorietta 5.

Ideal day pack for a baby doll. You like the play of colors on this one!

You got yourself a wound today. Aww.

We're about to leave soon and you're stuffing your Yak Pak back pack with snacks and toys. Haha. 'Til the next beach trip, baby doll.

OOTD bought from SM Kids Fashion:

Sandbox one-piece swimwear (SM) on sale P200
Tye Dye Mini Backpack (Yak Pak) P1,190

Your sun worshipper mum


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